1. A patient complaints of multiple episodes of blood stained vomits .On examination, he has a saddle nose and typical strawberry gingivitis. what is the probable diagnosis?

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2. Dentinogenesis imperfecta is inherited as

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3. The direct immunoflourescence pattern seen in pemphigus vulgaris has been described as

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4. all of the following are seen in cleidocranial dysostosis except

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5. A patient with severely displaced teeth,fractured enamel ,undefined DEJ and severe attrition may be suffering from

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6. After the initial primary attack during the early childhood period, the herpes simplex virus remains inactive most commonly in the:

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7. Herpangina is caused by

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8. which one of the following shows dense collagenous stroma with compressive thin strands and cords of epithelium cells

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9. Brachytherapy is

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10. Ptyalism is seen in

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11. Reilly bodies are seen in

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12. True regarding dentigerous cyst is all except

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13. A 10 year old has diffuse bilateral white areas on the buccal mucosa, dorsum of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. The mother tells the dentist that she has noticed this appearance for at least 3 years, but she was not concerned since she has had a similar condition all of her life. The most likely diagnosis is

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14. Which is the most common manifestation of recurrent HSV1 infection

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15. A dental surgeon has recovered from hepatitis B by 3 months rest. His lab findings are normal but he is not allowed to attend to patients as per medical board as he is

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16. difference between epithelial lining of cyst and oral cavity is

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17. Heart shaped radiolucency along the incisive canal is most probably:

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18. Osteopetrosis is

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19. Perioral freckles with risk of breast cancer and intestinal cancer is a feature of:

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20. Syndrome associated with predisposition to development of oral cancer is termed as

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