1. A immunocompromised patient came to your clinic with complain of decreased salivary secretion and foul odor from mouth. On histopathological examination ,Acinar necrosis and squamous metaplasia of salivary duct where observed . what is the diagnosis

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2. Most premalignant lesion amongst the following is:

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3. Starry sky effect is the histological feature

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4. Fissured tongue is seen in:

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5. Which of the following is true about Crohn's disease

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6. Lateral periodontal cyst has maximum occurrence in

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7. Matted lymph nodes are seen in

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8. In treacher collins syndrome there is

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9. Most aggressive form (high malignant potential) of Basal Cell carcinoma is:

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10. Nasoalveolar cyst is also known as

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11. A lady complaints her 9 year old daughter is suffering from oral ulceration, fever and shedding of skin from Palm and soles. She also provided history of premature exfoliation of teeth and increased sweating. She also gave history of using new teething gel available in market for past one month. Her daughter is most probably suffering from

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12. Which of these is used as a marker of proliferation ( dysplastic proliferation) in a premalignant lesion:

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13. KLK4 Gene mutation is associated with which type of amelogenesis imperfect

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14. A 4-year-old patient comes with her mother for a routine appointment. The mother states that her daughter just started not feeling well and had a mild fever earlier in the day. The daughter has been having trouble swallowing. An intraoral exam reveals multiple 1-mm to 2- mm vesiculopapular lesions of the nasopharynx and soft palate. Your working diagnosis is:

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15. A 36 year old female had swelling of mandible in lower right molar

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16. Presence of verrucay bodies and having predilection for occurrence in the tongue are seen in

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17. Granular cell ameloblastoma is characterized by granules which are composed of:

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18. Patient complaints of burning mouth. On examination tongue was red ,bald and filiform papillae were absent. Patient also provide history of long term antibiotic use. What is probable etiology

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19. Acrodermatitis enteropathica is a multi-organ failure due to deficiency of

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20. Ground glass appearance, Brown tumors and hypercalcemia are seen

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