1. Asthmatic patients using corticosteroid inhalers may develop candidiasis on the dorsal surface of the tongue because of

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2. shell teeth are associated with

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3. Which one of the following is oral precancer

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4. On streching the cheek the lesion disappears in

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5. Verruciform xanthoma is caused by

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6. Odontogenic Keratocyst is derived from which of the following

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7. Perioral freckles with risk of breast cancer and intestinal cancer is a feature of:

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8. a condition caused by excess of steroid hormone cortisol in the blood level which is caused by pituitary tumor secreting adrenocorticotropic hormone is

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9. antigen associated with cicatricial Pemphigoid

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10. A differential diagnosis for gingival hyperplasia should include which of area.It was diagnosed as ameloblastoma.histopathological picture will show the following conditions?

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11. Ptyalism is seen in

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12. KLK4 Gene mutation is associated with which type of amelogenesis imperfect

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13. Lingual tonsils arise

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14. Which of the following fungal infection is most commonly associated with diabetes mellitus

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15. Acrodermatitis enteropathica is a multi-organ failure due to deficiency of

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16. GNAS1 Gene mutation is associated with

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17. A child reports with greenish stains on teeth .The most probable cause is

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18. A patient has multiple epidermoid cysts intestinal hamartomas,Osteomas of skull and multiple impacted teeth.he is most probably suffering from

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19. Which of the following represents Vitamin D deficiency

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20. Herpes zoster is caused by

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