1. a female reporting orbital cellulitis, palatal perforation, headache vomiting, epistaxis probably has
2. langerhans cell histiocytosis was previously known as
3. a patient reporting with fever, exophthalmos, multiple granulomas, fractures and diabetes insipidus probably has
4. Osteoporosis is linked to
5. Unilateral vesicular eruptions along the course of the nerve in Orofacial region are seen in
6. Which disease of salivary gland is common in children but usually occurs once in lifetime
7. Soft, white, elevated plaques of the oral mucosa are characteristic of
8. Hypoplasia of Parotid is seen in:
9. oculoauriculovertebral syndrome is also known as
10. Lip pits are associated with:
11. a mother came with her child complaining of abdominal cramps,hypersalivation,fever and rashes on skin.On examination ,there were rashes on skin of palms and soles of feet along with generalized gingival inflammation and multiple oral ulcers.The child may be suffering from
12. which one of the following is not a craniosynostosis
13. fibroblast proliferation in oral submucous fibrosis is primary mediated by
14. Best drug for Oral candidiasis:
15. Hepatitis C is associated with which of the following oral lesions
16. Fothergill disease is:
17. A 40 year old female complaints of pain on the cheek which triggers on chewing food and in between she has no pain. Diagnosis is
18. Reilly bodies are seen in
19. which one of the following shows 'blueberry lips'
20. Perioral freckles with risk of breast cancer and intestinal cancer is a feature of:
21. Syndrome associated with predisposition to development of oral cancer is termed as
22. which of the following cyst shows maximum amount of recurrence
23. Hairy tongue is associated with hypertrophy of:
24. Streptococci adhere to the oral suraces and contribute to caries development as they
25. spreading enzyme produced by some species of streptococcus
26. Appearance of red macules with, 'herald sign' appearing 7-10 days back, 3-4 cm in diameter, shiny ovoid along with skin lumps with silvery sheen is a characteristic of:
27. antinuclear antibody is found in
28. antigen associated with cicatricial Pemphigoid
29. The characteristic feature seen during the histogic examination of a langerhans cell histiocytosis lesion is
30. Amcloblastoma originates from:
31. dermatotropic viral diseases are
32. Which of the following anomaly needs consideration in restorative treatment?
33. Natal and neonatal teeth are not associated with
34. Herpes zoster is caused by
35. Sialologue is an agent used to
36. Which of these is used as a marker of proliferation ( dysplastic proliferation) in a premalignant lesion:
37. To differentiate between hemifacial hypertrophy and unilateral fibrous dysplasia of the maxilla evaluation of which of the following would be most useful
38. An odour of acetone on the breath can be found in patients with
39. burning tongue will not be associated with which of the following
40. A patient with severely displaced teeth,fractured enamel ,undefined DEJ and severe attrition may be suffering from
41. Which of the following is true about hypophosphatasia
42. Involucrum is
43. Cervical cancer caused by:
44. Which of the HPV cause malignancy:
45. Herpetic koilonychia is herpetic infection of
46. The direct immunoflourescence pattern seen in pemphigus vulgaris has been described as
47. Hutchison triad includes all of the following except
48. Multiple supernumerary teeth are most commonly found in
49. GNAS1 Gene mutation is associated with
50. A positive Nikolsky's sign is a diagnostic feature of
51. Mutation in which chromosome is related to dentinogenesis imperfect
52. A child reports with greenish stains on teeth .The most probable cause is
53. Which is the most common manifestation of recurrent HSV1 infection
54. Ground glass appearance, Brown tumors and hypercalcemia are seen
55. Miescher syndrome is associated with
56. Negative regulator of BMP is
57. A 40 years old lady reported with history of pain in right cheek since the last 2 months. The pain is sharp, lancinating and sudden in onset and brief in duration. The attacks are triggered by chewing foo She is normal in between the attacks. What is the diagnosis:
58. granulomatous gingivitis shows histopathology similar to
59. APC gene is mutated in
60. calcification of falx cerebri is seen in
61. 20% KOH used in the diagnosis of candida albicans. Its mechanism of action is
62. A lady complaints her 9 year old daughter is suffering from oral ulceration, fever and shedding of skin from Palm and soles. She also provided history of premature exfoliation of teeth and increased sweating. She also gave history of using new teething gel available in market for past one month. Her daughter is most probably suffering from
63. A syphilitic gumma is most commonly found on the
64. Which of the following is NOT associated with osteogenesis imperfecta?
65. a condition caused by excess of steroid hormone cortisol in the blood level which is caused by pituitary tumor secreting adrenocorticotropic hormone is
66. Tongue shows loss of normal exfoliation of surface epithelium with hypertrophy of filiform papillae in:
67. Papillary hyperplasia under a denture is usually due to (an)
68. True regarding dentigerous cyst is all except
69. Most common intraoral infection in diabetic patient:
70. Eosinophilic granulomas
71. which one of the following does the bisphosphonates primary cause
72. Fissured tongue is seen in:
73. A 10 year old has diffuse bilateral white areas on the buccal mucosa, dorsum of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. The mother tells the dentist that she has noticed this appearance for at least 3 years, but she was not concerned since she has had a similar condition all of her life. The most likely diagnosis is
74. rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, thyroiditis are examples of
75. a female patient showing progressive muscle and fat loss on the right side of the face is suffering from
76. which one of the following shows dense collagenous stroma with compressive thin strands and cords of epithelium cells
77. A immunocompromised patient came to your clinic with complain of decreased salivary secretion and foul odor from mouth. On histopathological examination ,Acinar necrosis and squamous metaplasia of salivary duct where observed . what is the diagnosis
78. A 4-year-old patient comes with her mother for a routine appointment. The mother states that her daughter just started not feeling well and had a mild fever earlier in the day. The daughter has been having trouble swallowing. An intraoral exam reveals multiple 1-mm to 2- mm vesiculopapular lesions of the nasopharynx and soft palate. Your working diagnosis is:
79. A 54-year-old African-American female presents to your clinic for an initial exam. She has a history of hypertension controlled with beta-blockers but no other contributory health findings. Your intraoral exam reveals a bilateral filmy opalescence of the buccal mucosa. When stretching out her cheeks, this white hue disappears. Your most likely diagnosis is:
80. A 65-year-old man presents to your clinic in regards to upper dentures. When getting his health history, you ask about history of infectious diseases. He mentions that a year ago, his eldest son died and later he broke out in blisters on only half of his back. He says he doesn't remember what the doctor called it, but he remembers the physician saying it "stopped at the midline." What is the most likely diagnosis?
81. A developmental defect characterized by an overgrowth of tissues NORMAL to the organ in which it arises is a:
82. After the initial primary attack during the early childhood period, the herpes simplex virus remains inactive most commonly in the:
83. Erythema multiforme (EM) is an acute self-limited eruption characterized by a distinctive clinical eruption, the hallmark of which is the:
84. Odontogenic Keratocyst is derived from which of the following
85. The acinic cell carcinoma is derived from serous acinar cells and is found almost exclusively in the
86. Which autoimmune disease is associated with the increase in caries?
87. An overgrowth of normal tissue in a place where that tissue is not normally found is referred to as
88. Which of the following fungal infection is most commonly associated with diabetes mellitus
89. Over 90 percent of primary herpes simplex viral infections are
90. Lateral periodontal cyst has maximum occurrence in
91. Pierre Robin syndrome is characterised by
92. Starry sky effect is the histological feature
93. The dental finding in patient with porphyria is
94. Which of the following is absent in Crest Syndrome
95. Zone which is most demineralised in enamel caries
96. Which one of the following is oral precancer
97. Degeneration of basement membrane and loss of retepegs is seen in
98. Which one of the following differentiates between condensing osteitis and benign cementoblastoma?
99. Matted lymph nodes are seen in
100. Crowe's sign is seen in