1. All of the following statements about staphylococcus aureus are true except


2. Fungus affecting reticular endothelial system


3. Insulin resistant DM:


4. Which of the following coagulation factors causes cross linking and stabilisation of clot


5. Each of the following is a risk factor in atherosclerosis EXCEPT one.Which one is this EXCEPTION?


6. True about polio


7. Ulthoff sign is seen in:


8. Which of the following procoagulant proteins binds to tissue factor exposed beneath the endothelium of traumatized blood vessels and initiates the clotting cascade?


9. Acute infection causes:


10. an important non respiratory function of lungs is


11. the sigmoid nature of Hb-O2 dissociation curve is because of


12. Hockey stick appearance in echocardiography is a feature of


13. Treatment of asymptomatic bradycardia is


14. Decreased basal metabolic rate is seen in:


15. Kolmer test is a screening test done for


16. First sensation to be lost in leprosy


17. nitrogen narcosis is caused due to


18. Release of neurotransmitter from presynaptic vesicles is an example of


19. Consider two patients with atherosclerosis, one is diabetic and other is non-diabetic. When compare to non-diabetic, diabetic patient has hundred times increased risk of


20. A child on administration of Penicillin developed fever, rashes, urticaria and swelling. It is due to:


21. All of the following are potential pathogens of ororpharynx except:


22. Eosinophils are characteristically seen in which of the following conditions?


23. Cardiovascular effects seen in AIDS are all except


24. False about Staphylococcus lugdunensis


25. Which of the following regions of the nephron is capable of the greatest level of glucose reabsorption?


26. Rapid correction of severe hyperglycemia only by insulin causes:


27. normal anion gap is (in mEq/l)


28. mean circulatory filling ressure is


29. decreased basal metabolic rate is seen in


30. Hematologic investigations of PT/INR are useful to detect defects in:


31. Golf ball inclusion bodies in RBC are seen in


32. Which of the following controls the salivary secretion?


33. Which of the following drug is not used for management of acute pulmonary oedema


34. Acute infection causes:


35. Most important step in management of acute diarrhea:


36. Percentage of Total body water to total body weight at birth is


37. Tuberculin test screens for


38. If a person is having ventricular tachycardia,extra systoles appears in


39. In body plethysmography,a person is asked to expire against a closed glottis. What will be the change in the pressure in the lung and the box


40. Which of the following bone malignancies is most fatal:


41. maximum potassium ions secretion is seen in


42. A patient in emergency with symptoms of tachycardia bronchodilation increased temperature and constipation .He may be suffering from poisoning with


43. bile acid pool circulates


44. Bile acids consist of all except


45. All are true about Leptospirosis except:


46. With regards to temperature requirement, most pathogenic bacteria are:


47. Half-Life of free HIV in plasma is:


48. Jaundice refers to yellow discoloration of the skin, sclera, and tissues caused by:


49. Not true of obstructive sleep apnea


50. Largest reserve of energy in body stored as


51. In a 70 kg adult, the fasting blood sugar level is 180 mg/100m1. This is indicative of


52. Generalized edema is known as:


53. The most appropriate drug use for chelation therapy in beta thalassaemia major is


54. which of the following is absorbed in stomach


55. Blood agar is


56. The following hepatitis virus is transmitted by faeco-oral route: except


57. basal metabolic rate depends most closely on


58. Antigenieity is seen in:


59. During normal diastole, which of the following is most important in preventing over- distension of the ventricles?


60. Cross beta-pleated sheet structure in amyloidosis is determined by:


61. All of the following infections may be transmitted by dental instruments except


62. maximum water reabsorption in the GIT occurs in


63. Phagocytosis enhanced by coating the surface of antigen is called


64. interference with oxygen exchange in lungs is a type of


65. C ‘wave in JVP is due to


66. Acromegaly is


67. Diabetes mellitus affects all except:


68. Which of the following is likely to be decreased in a patient with severe anemia (Hb less than 7 g/dL)?


69. Hemophilia A is caused by defect of gene encoding:


70. Sterilization cycle uses:


71. in a normal person which of the following occurs when he becomes supine from a standing position


72. Most common cause of Resistant hypertension is


73. Sulfonylureas acts by:


74. Causative organism for native valve infective endocarditis:


75. A 60 years old patient having cardiorespiratory arrest in hospital ward, for oxygenation what should be done immediately?


76. The mechanism of genetic transfer where a phage serves as a vehicle Is


77. The cells which have the capacity to multiply throughout their Life


78. Most important factor in transport across a membrane


79. Techoic acid is present in


80. Branchial cyst opens most commonly in which area:


81. Effusion in TB is characterized by:


82. Urea breath test used for:


83. H. pylori infection is seen in all except:


84. GFR measurement help in determining


85. normal pH of stomach is


86. All of the following statements are true regarding reversible cell injury, except –


87. Rothera’s test is used to detect:


88. The exact part of the antigen that reacts with the immune system is called as


89. rods and cones differ in all except


90. physiolgical response to smoking are all except


91. which of the following is not a primary taste


92. Potential developed due to movement of freely diffusible ions across a semi permeable membrane is calculated using


93. Incorrect about Lafora’s disease


94. why fetal cells continue to divide but terminally differentiated adult cells do not divide


95. Virchow’s triad consists of all except:


96. regarding transport of substances through the cell membrane all are true except


97. Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance of microorganisms is determined by


98. Kidney stones (renal calculi) are a common complication in a patient with which disorder listed below?


99. Regarding leptospirosis all are true except:


100. Which one of the following clinical findings excludes the diagnosis of polymyositis


101. somatomedian mediates


102. maximum phosphate is reabsorbed in


103. Immunoglobin, which is produced first by the fetus in response to Infection


104. The host tissue response in acute inflammation is all except


105. Windkessel effect in large arteries perform what function


106. Filgrastim is used for treatment of


107. All of the following clinical features are associated with enteroviruses


108. which of the following statements is true


109. Which of the following anti-diabetic drugs can be used safely in renal failure


110. constitutive component of pulmonary endothelium cells


111. Bone lytic lesions along with increase in B-cells derived from hyperplastic bone marrow are seen in:


112. intrinsic factor of castle is secreted by which of the following cells in gastric glands


113. Gram -ve bacteria stain during gram staining:


114. Platelet aggregation and vasoconstriction caused by:


115. Malignant epithelial cells have an increased number and wider distribution of which of the following receptors


116. Malignant tumour that shows periosteal reaction:


117. All of the following are possible causes of tetany, except:


118. Purkinje fibres are


119. Peripheral nerve regenerates at the rate of mm per day


120. Complement binding Immunoglobin via the classical pathway is –


121. Best test for mycoplasma infection is


122. The best way to sterilize an instrument soaked in AIDS virus is:


123. Multiple drug resistance of bacteria depends on which of the following:


124. which of the following is the active form of calcium in circulation


125. Which type of necrosis listed below is the basic and most common type?


126. The oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve shifts to the left under which of the following circumstances?


127. Which of the following is a true statement?


128. In a pregnant woman, which of the following vaccines is not indicated


129. Actinomycetes is


130. The single most important laboratory test for determining the virulence of staphylococci is


131. Continuous murmur is seen in all of the following conditions except


132. Which is not seen in Cushing’ syndrome:


133. Which of the following is not seen in secondary adrenal insufficiency


134. Most common cause of nephrotic syndrome in adults:


135. Which stage of plasmodium vivax is infective for mosquito?


136. Which of the following is true about streptococcus pneumoniae:


137. Nephrotic syndrome causes:


138. Tumor lysis syndrome is characterized by all except:


139. The following is true about malaria


140. A 29 yrs old woman with a pregnancy of 17 week has a 10 years old boy with down syndrome. She does not want another down syndrome kid; best advice to her is


141. Bacteria used in probiotics is


142. IL-1 helps in:


143. All are true regarding Donavanosis except:


144. Which of the following conditions is least likely to present as an eccentric osteolytic lesion?


145. Schwannoma of spinal nerve roots is seen in


146. Anaphylotoxins:


147. christmas disease occurs due to deficiency of


148. Most common structure compressed by aneurysm of posterior communicating artery in the circle of Willis


149. A protoplast is best described as a bacterial cell


150. iron in hemoglobin is in


151. Cytokines are soluble proteins secreted by which of the following cells?


152. Investigation of choice to diagnose epilepsy


153. Vagal stimulation of the heart causes decrease in heart rate by


154. Under normal conditions, the main drive for respiration is the


155. Fluid of choice in infant diarrhoea


156. Most potent stimulator of naive T cells is:


157. Endotoxic shock is initiated by


158. vit K dependent clotting factors are


159. A patient is admitted in casualty with signs of fever, lymphadenopathay etc. Investigations reveal infection by pseudomonas aeruginosa. Drug of choice includes


160. Drug of choice in neonatal seizures


161. Tachycardia, nervousness, intolerance to heat and exophthalmos are seen in


162. The following immunoglobulin is not known to fix complement


163. Which of the following is not used as disinfectant for skin preparation due to its irritation potential:


164. Ocular bobbing is seen in


165. complement factor used to identify activation through common pathway is


166. First released Immunoglobulin after primary immunization


167. Mid systolic click is classically heard in


168. Doppler ultrasound, all are true except?


169. Earliest marker of renal damage in a known case of diabetes mellitus is:


170. during diastole the arterial pressure is maintained by


171. Two particles have same diameter. The one which will pass easily through glomerular membrane has


172. Wheel chair sign is seen in


173. NK CELL acts on viruses because


174. The mechanism by which most fungi cause disease


175. Organism most resistant to sterilization:


176. all are second messengers ecept


177. Which of the following does not occur as the blood passes through systemic capillaries


178. Chemoreceptors are located in which area


179. prion – true is


180. In which of the following disease maternal antibodies are not protective to the child


181. Best method of sterilizing disposable syringes:


182. Following is given with iron to increase its absorption


183. A nursing staff while putting IV line to a seriously ill patient of HIV accidentally got a needlestick injury. Which of the following investigation will be most appropriate for her


184. Blood pressure is difficult to measure in a patient with


185. Anemia in a newborn can result from:


186. Angiotensin II causes all of the following, except


187. Component of tubercle bacilli which produces granuloma is


188. in a healthy patient the spaces between the body contain


189. All of the following vascular changes are observed in acute inflammation, except –


190. Not essential for brain death


191. All of the following drugs are used in pituitary adenoma except


192. The most important parameter to monitor Dengue haemorrhagic fever is


193. During management of ventricular fibrillation , what is true about use of vasopressin


194. which of the following is not involved in intrinsic pathway


195. Both intranulear and intracytoplasmic inclusions are present in which of the following viruses


196. Not a characteristic of white infarct:


197. APGAR score is a quantitative method of assessing score of new born status based on


198. Which of the following enzyme is required to induce the formation of a plasma clot by pathogenic staphylococci


199. Which of the following situations will lead to increased viscosity of blood


200. Cerebral perfusion pressure is


201. The blood from an 8-year-old boy was analyzed by flow cytometry. The exact number of B cells was counted. Which of the following cell surface markers was likely used to identify the B cells in this blood sample?


202. life span of RBC is


203. Granuloma is characterized by all of the following except:


204. Episodic generalized weakness is related to all except:


205. Which valve is most affected by rheumatic fever


206. Difference in transudate and exudate is that the former has a:


207. An increase in the size of an organ or tissue due to an increase in the size of cells is known as:


208. Which of these is true about antibodies:


209. Which of the following would shift the oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve to the right?


210. all of the following antibacterial proteins are secreted from primary granules except


211. A 39-year old female presents with fever. The blood culture from the patient grows gram positive small to medium coccobacilli that are pleomorphic occurring in short chains. Direct wet mount from the culture shows tumbling motility. The most likely organism is


212. Proximal convoluted tubule have which type of aquaporins


213. Extrahepatic cholestasis causes:


214. In uncompensated diabetic ketoacidosis


215. All of the following are formed via the cyclooxygenase pathway, except:


216. All of the following are characteristic of an exudate, except:


217. Chymotrypsinogen is a


218. Blood transfusion associated acute lung injury occurs due to


219. Effector region of immunoglobulin is


220. ST segment of ECG corresponds to


221. Causative organism for gas gangrene


222. Which of the following drugs used for diabetes melitis causes lactic acidosis


223. A decrease in which of the following parameters would tend to increase the glomerular capillary hydrostatic pressure?


224. Decreased basal metabolic rate is seen in:


225. Differential leucocyte count is used for diagnosis of:


226. In classification of Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a severe case is defined as when the number of episodes of apnoea during sleep exceed


227. You have to draw blood from a patient. When will you give EDTA?


228. If diameter of a vessel is doubled


229. The oxygen hemoglobin dissociation curve is sigmoid because


230. Phage conversion is required for:


231. Role of bile salts


232. Sunlight has sterilizing effect because:


233. Nitrogen washout method is used for estimating


234. carbon monoxide transfusion in lungs is diffusion limited as


235. Which of the following is not true about from a transfusion related acute lung injury


236. If a creatinine clearance of 100 mL/min changes to 50 mL/min over 1 year, assuming that there has been no change in diet, which of the following physiologic changes can be expected?


237. Pneumococcus can be differentiated from streptococcus by


238. Nucleus in reticulocyte is:


239. Psammoma bodies are found in


240. Streptococcus mutans can be distinguished from other streptococci by