1. An overextended distobuccal corner of a mandibular denture will push against which muscle during function
2. impression material of choice in patients with submucous fibrosis is
3. In which surveyor,spring mounted horizontal arm is seen
4. Which articulator is based on arbitary theories of motion
5. Kennedy applegate classification of partially edentulous arch does not allow consideration of
6. A facebow is used to record the
7. Vertical dimension at rest can be defined as
8. the correctly placed posterior palatal seal creates
9. Maxillary cast is attached to articulator by:
10. Which of the following is the most accurate to measure the height of the floor of the mouth?
11. RPI clasp in a distal extension cast partial denture
12. In an edentulous maxilla, the direction of resorption of the alveolar ridge is
13. In removable partial denture position of finish line is affected by
14. if trial of complete denture is to be recorded in india the preferred wax will be
15. Internal finish line in the framework of a cast partial denture is obtained by
16. The shape of rest seat on the canine should be
17. training groove is placed in the lower denture
18. The purpose of dental surveyor is
19. denture stability refers to resistance of a denture
20. on closing a denture patient produces a click sound while doing functional movements.the cause may be
21. A patient with class III mobility of upper and lower teeth is suggested immediate complete dentures. When both maxillary and mandibular immediate complete dentures are proposed then what is the recommended protocol
22. The full palatal major connector is indicated where
23. Surgical removal of a maxillary torus is indicated when
24. which of the following is wrong about taking protrusive record 6 mm forward to centric relation
25. In kennedy-applegate classification, the deciding factor is
26. A glossary of Prosthodontics terms is made by
27. In centric occlusion , the cusp tip of maxillary canine occludes with
28. In taking an interocclusal wax record in a protrusive position, the dentist should examine the wax record to ensure that
29. The base of a distal extension partial denture should cover the maximum support area because
30. Arcon articulator is used over non arcon due to?
31. Which of the following is not a border movement in the sagittal condylar tracing:
32. Modified "T" clasp is basically a
33. Occlusal Rest in RPD provides all of the following except:
34. Retromolar pad contains all except
35. When border molding a mandibular custom tray that will be used for a final denture impression, the distolingual extension is limited by the acton of
36. post insertion occlusal correction of a complete denture is best done by
37. In a free-end distal extension partial denture, the most effective means of limiting applied loads to abutment teeth is by
38. Palatal plate maxillary major connector should end on
39. Instructing a patient to say "Ah" with short vigorous bursts will help in visualizing?
40. Anterior vibrating line is located on
41. A major connector must be
42. Purpose of transparent acrylic template in case of immediate denture
43. Strongest major connector is
44. Kennedy class IV situation is defined as
45. A case presented with all Upper natural teeth and 7 mandibular implants placed, having space of 15mm for the restoration. What would be the ideal treatment plan for the patient?
46. True regarding relief at the incised papilla during denture fabrication is
47. for a balanced occlusion when chondylar inclination is increased the compensating curve should be
48. Mandibular movement pattern of complete denture patients and those with natural teeth are
49. Fischer angle is recorded in which plane?
50. Shape of cingulum rest in a cast partial denture
51. On recall visit of a CD patient, he complaints of sharp pain on the edentulous ridge, O/E there is a clean white area on the ridge.Treatment is
52. What type of motion occurs within superior joint cavity of TMJ
53. reciprocal arm is
54. Main advantage of internal rest seat is
55. What prevents torqueing movement of denture?
56. Snow shoe effect increases:
57. Post palatal seal provides
58. Bilabials are produced in?
59. In denture midline relief depend on
60. In a non arcon articulator , the angle between the condylar guidance and the maxillary occlusal plane
61. Upon examination of an edentulous patient, it is observed that the tuberosities contact the retromolar pads at the correct occlusal vertical dimension. The treatment of choice is to
62. The first step in recording jaw relations
63. the primary role of partial denture rests is
64. The process by which one part of the RPD opposes the action of retainer in function is called
65. maximum broad coverage of denture bearing area
66. Bar clasps have
67. The anatomical landmarks used to help establish the location of the posterior palatal seal of a maxillary complete denture include the
68. In complete denture contruction, the physiologic rest position
69. True regarding internal rests all except
70. replacement of an absent body part by an artificial device is called
71. Rests on terminal abutment teeth for a cast metal removable partial denture provides
72. The most important objective of occlusal adjustment of a natural dentition is to
73. which of the following treatment should be done to reduce gagging reflex in a patient
74. While selecting overdenture abutment, preference is given to
75. Which is not true for palatal lift prosthesis in case of completely edentulous?
76. the lingual bar design that interferes least with phonetics involves
77. Patient complaint of loose immediate dentures today morning, and also told that this happened 2,3 days back also. What could be the Possible reason
78. To record the maximum depression of soft palate, it should be recorded with head at what angle to the floor
79. tongue movement has its primary effect on
80. Incisal guidance determines?
81. Design of maxillary major connector depends on
82. The selective grinding rule for removing premature contacts on the working side of complete dentures is to grind
83. Overdentures best given on which abutment
84. In RPD indirect retainers should be placed
85. Heel-raising movement ofRPD is prevented by?
86. In Kennedy class 3 RPD, impingement of RPD on gingiva is prevented by
87. Movement of removable partial denture , around an imaginary vertical axis is stopped by
88. what is the function of guiding plane in a cast partial denture
89. Masseter is a strong muscle due to?
90. A laboratory remount of processed dentures is done in order to correct occlusal disharmony produced by errors primarily in the
91. Increase in columella philtrum angle is seen due to:
92. In comparison to gold alloys, base metal alloy removable partial denture frameworks can be made
93. To prevent cantilever in a class 1 situations, we should give
94. With the change in denture bearing area, maximum retention in a complete denture patient can be gained by
95. While recording mandibular impression, what is recorded when patient is asked to close the mouth and dentist exerts downward pressure
96. Masseteric notch is formed by:
97. For the preparation of rest seat
98. A plaster index is used to
99. Which of the following will increase resistance to dislodging forces on a removable partial denture?
100. If space between gingival margins of lower anteriors and floor of mouth is less than 8mm, what type of major connector is indicated