Note :

  • This timetable is made to benefit all those who are starting their preparations just now or they are preparing but got disoriented on what and how to study
  • If you have your own timetable and you are following well then continue with your own timetable as you are clear with your preparations and you are currently executing, don’t get double-minded
  • We know that everyone has difficulties with different subjects and some subjects are easy for you, compared to others.
  •  So we have broken down the method through which we have done the time allotment in this calendar, Follow the steps, sort out the subjects and allot time to it.
  • We only have 21weeks and 20 subjects so you have to be very disciplined with the calendar
  • do not give much time to one subject as you will be compromising on other subjects, which has the same weightage as the previous one.
  • NEET MOCK Marathon will be starting from 11th November to  11th December at 02:00 Pm to 05:00 Pm. (we have kept 1 extra day to compensate for the day for in cet exam. there won’t be any test on the day of in cet exam)

How to Allot time to subjects for NEET MDS preparation:

  1. Take paper and pen and write down all the subjects with 1 line of space in between
  2. Write 3 categories on the top portion of the page. (1star, 2 stars, 3stars)
  3. each start represents the difficulty level from 1star being the easiest subject for you to 3star being the toughest to understand.
  4. sort out your top 5 easiest subjects from the list and give them 1 star.
  5. sort out the top 5 toughest subjects for you from the list and give them 3 stars.
  6. rest all 10 subjects will be 2 stars.
  7. 1 star subject = easy = you have to complete this subject in 2 days, quickly go through synopsis and images from the textbook in 1 day, and practice MCQs on next day. you will have 1 day for revision after you complete your syllabus.
  8. 2 star subject = medium = complete this subject in 3 days and later on you will have 2 days at the time of revision
  9. 3 star = hard = you have to complete these subjects in 4 days and later on 3 days to revise them at the time of revision.
  10. write down the number of days and match them to the calendar above to set your time allotment.
  11. You have to complete the subject in these time frames and even if are not able to complete the whole subject in a given time then don’t worry about it, go ahead with your next subject as planned. that is much more important.
  12. we have considered the connection between subjects and plan them accordingly so that you can related with previous subject.
  13. here’s the difficulty distribution we have done for this time allotment :
    1 star : Conservative dentistry,DADH,DM,Endodontics,Radiology
    2 Stars :Anatomy,Microbiology,Orthodontics,oral surgery,Pedodontics,periodontics,physiology,prosthodontics,Public health dentistry,General surgery
    3 stars : Biochemistry,Medicine,Oral medicine and pathology, general pathology, Pharmacology