1. Number of fontanelle present at birth
2. Canine fossa of maxilla gives origin to
3. Weakness in posterior pharyngeal wall leading to formation of Pharyngeal pouch is also called as:
4. Which of the following passes through the foramen magnum
5. Baby can breathe even while suckling because of:
6. The crista galli is a superior extension of which of the following bones?
7. The nerve supply of stapedius muscle is:
8. Most frequently damaged cranial nerve with a motor component:
9. Nerve supply of buccinator muscle?
10. Which one of the following is a junction of frontal, parietal, temporal and greater wing of sphenoid bone
11. Which of the following is the normal arrangement of lingual nerve and vessels in the tongue from medial to lateral?
12. Nerve supply to musculature of tongue is:
13. Which of these is not a part of ethmoid bone
14. Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs due to compression of which structure:
15. All are of adult size at birth except
16. The number of branches of the internal carotid artery in neck is /are :-
17. Medial squint occurs due to lesion of:
18. Afferent component of corneal reflex is mediated by:
19. Proprioceptive fibers are not carried by which cranial nerve:
20. Which of the following represents the cranial nerve that supplies derivatives of the third branchial arch?
21. Nucleus which lies deep to facial colliculus is:
22. Deep cervical fascia splits to enclose:
23. The carotid artery may be palpated at the
24. Which of the following is an abductor of the vocal cords
25. Which of the following structures contacts posteriorly with the isthmus of the thyroid gland?
26. VIII cranial nerve affects
27. Internal carotid localization can be done most appropriately in the:
28. In emergency tracheostomy the following structures are damaged except:
29. Ansa cervicalis supplies all, except
30. Which of the following is not attached to oblique line of thyroid cartilage:
31. All of the following are TRUE regarding the nasolacrimal apparatus EXCEPT
32. Which of the following muscles is supplied by mandibular nerve?
33. Which of the following, does not form the boundary of the facial recess:
34. All of the following muscles are grouped together as "muscles of mastication" except
35. Muscle responsible for opening mandible
36. All are supplied by anterior division of mandibular nerve except:
37. Deepest layer of deep cervical fascia is represented by:
38. Each of the following arteries is a branch of the subclavian artery EXCEPT
39. Which of these is not a tributary of the Internal Jugular Vein:
40. Which of these is a tributary of the IJV:
41. Superomedial wall of suboccipital triangle:
42. Which of the following is not a branch of facial artery:
43. Which of the following muscle attaches to the anterior end of the articular disc of the temporomandibular joint?
44. Middle meningeal artery is direct branch of
45. Lymph from the mandibular incisors drain chiefly into _____.
46. Tributaries of cavernous sinus include all of the following except:
47. Submandibular gland is separated from sublingual gland via
48. Waldeyer ring contain all groups of lymph nodes except:
49. Which of the following glands is not supplied by secretomotor fibers of the facial nerve?
50. Bartholin's duct is the name of
51. Which layer of fascia contains lymphatic vessels within the neck?
52. Posterior Communicating artery is a branch of
53. The maxillary nerve exits the cranium through which foramen:
54. Parotid fascia continues anteriorly as
55. All the following are true regarding duct of parotid except
56. To which of the following bones is the tensor tympani attached?
57. Intrinsic muscle of eyeball are all except:
58. The palatine tonsil receives its arterial supply from all of the following, except
59. Which of the following is not a branch of third part of maxillary artery
60. Buccinator is attached posteriorly to:
61. The ligament attached to the lingula is
62. Nervusintermedius does not carry
63. Deoxygenated blood from the transverse sinus drains into the
64. The hypoglossal nerve provides
65. A dome shaped skull is known as
66. Which muscle is attached to transverse process of the first cervical vertebra:
67. Lateral movement of condyle takes place by
68. Passavant ridge is made of:
69. Geniculate ganglion is associated with:
70. Which of the following wraps around the ligamentum arteriosum?
71. Mydriasis is due to:
72. The middle pharyngeal constrictor is attached to
73. In an emergency, the artery palpated is:
74. Middle pharyngeal constrictor is attached to:
75. Which one of the junction of the frontal, parietal, temporal and greater wing of sphenoid?
76. Which of the following statements are false regarding facial nerve:
77. Each of the following is TRUE regarding the lacrimal gland EXCEPT
78. Dilator pupillae Iridis supplied by:
79. The internal jugular vein in neck is located within:
80. Danger space is:
81. Suppose one would necessitate anesthesia of the anterior palatal mucosa. Which of the following nerves innervates this area?
82. The external jugular vein is formed by which two veins?
83. Ostium of maxillary sinus is usually found in:
84. Blood from the internal carotid artery reaches the posterior cerebral artery by the
85. All of the following are branches of external carotid artery except:
86. Cephalic vein drains into:
87. What passes through aortic aperture of diaphragm:
88. Which of the following muscles is spared in injury to cranial accessory nerve
89. During swallowing, muscular contraction results in movements that seal off the oropharynx from the nasopharynx. Which of the following muscles cause movements that result in a fold in the posterior wall of the pharynx?
90. All of the following are supplied by pharyngeal plexus of nerve, except
91. Which of the following muscles is responsible for the formation of the posterior tonsillar pillar?
92. Which of the following pharyngeal muscles shortens the velum?
93. Which of the following bones do not contribute to the nasal septum?
94. Third nerve palsy causes all except:
95. Enophthalmos is due to palsy of
96. The infraorbital nerve is a branch of the
97. Which of the following is not true about, the Trochlear nerve
98. Which of the following nerve does not carry parasympathetic fibres:
99. All of the following are digastrics muscles except:
100. The stylomandibular ligament has its origin at which of the following bones?