1. All of the following protozoa may be detected by Fecal Acid Fast Stain, except

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2. The type of immunoglobulin most commonly increased in multiple myeloma is

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3. Which of the following distinguishes viral infections from other microbial

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4. Optimal time and temperature required for sterilization in an autoclave is

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5. All are true about viruses except:

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6. For uniform staining reaction, morphology & biochemical activity, it is advisable to study bacterial cultures during the

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7. Portion of Immunoglobulin molecule with molecular weight of 50000:

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8. All of the following statements concerning immunity are true, except:

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9. Which of the following is characteristic infection' caused by Nocardia:

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10. A young male presents with loose motions and 'intermittent abdominal pain over the past ,1 year Wet mount stool specimen showed the presence of multiple ova which are more than 100? in diameter. The causative organisms for the disease shall not include

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11. Antibody to HSV will begin to appear

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12. A 39-year old female presents with fever. The blood culture from the patient grows gram positive small to medium coccobacilli that are pleomorphic occurring in short chains. Direct wet mount from the culture shows tumbling motility. The most likely organism is

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13. When was HIV virus discovered?

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14. All of the following are Heterophile Agglutination tests, except

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15. Vaccination is based on the principle of:

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16. Which of the following organisms is most commonly associated with breast abscess

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17. Moist heat kills all of the following EXCEPT:

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18. In penicillin allergy, penicillin acts as a:

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19. Aflatoxin is produced by

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20. Most common organism associated with reactive arthritis:

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