1. Which of the following statements regarding Legionella pneumonia is true

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2. Gram positive cocci which produce greenish colonies when cultured on blood agar, is bile insoluble and does not produce lesions when inoculated intra peritonially in mice, is:

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3. The most sensitive and rapid test for diagnosis of CMV retinitis is

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4. Which of the following bacteria is c-AMP positive

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5. A patient presents to the emergency department with history of persistant fever and cough. Radiological features are suggestive of pneumonia. Sputum examination cultures reveal aerobic branching grain positive filaments that are partially acid fast. Which of the following is the most likely etiological agent.

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6. Botulinum affects all except

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7. The component that sensitizes bacteria and virus to UV Irradiation

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8. Endoscopes are sterilized by using:

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9. Irradiation can be used to sterilize A/E -

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10. Acute otitis media in children is most commonly due to:

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11. Which type of infection listed below often causes leukocytosis?

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12. A positive tuberculin test always indicates which of the following?

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13. The antigen-binding site of antibody molecules is localized in the

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14. First immunoglobulin increased during immunity

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15. Adjuvant given along with antigens are going to

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16. During a Type I hypersensitivity reaction, leukotrienes and prostaglandin D are generated from which of the following?

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17. Which of the following investigations should be done immediately to best confirm a non matched blood transfusion reaction

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18. Which of the following viral diseases has the LONGEST incubation period?

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19. Influenza is caused by

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20. Post streptococcal acute glomerulus nephritis is an example for

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