1. A transplant of bone from one part to other part of body in the same individual

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2. All of the following tests can be useful in identifying syncope except:

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3. If surgery is to be carried in s haemophilic patient his factor VIII should be raised at least up to:

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4. In extradural hematoma patient presents with

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5. Osteoblastic secondaries are most commonly seen from which primary malignancy?

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6. Highest chance of success in renal transplant is possible when the donor is

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7. One of following is not seen in severe burns

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8. True statement regarding fracture base of the skull are all of the following, except

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9. Which jaw cyst is pre-malignant?

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10. A woman with infertility receives an ovary transplant from her sister who is an identical twin. What type of graft is it

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11. The ulcer which has undermined edge is due to the cause

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12. Safest site for intramuscular injection in case of children:

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13. Ulcer with undermined edge seen with

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14. The endotracheal tube is inserted in

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15. In a patient of head injury which is more important to note first:

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16. A patient suspected of having a hemolytic transfusion reaction should be managed with

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17. A diabetic patient presents with painful indurated area of skin in the neck, with islands of sloughing and discharging pus Pus culture shows Staphylococcus infection, it is:

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18. Management of flail chest with respiratory failure is

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19. In secondary thyrotoxicosis, which of the following should be avoided

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20. Laryngocele arises as a termination of laryngeal mucus through the following membrane:

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