1. To check if nasogastric tube is In right position one should


2. For auto transfusion the blood should be collected


3. Commonest organ injured in blast injury is


4. Secondary hemorrhage may be seen in


5. What is the investigation of choice in a patient with acute head injury


6. Stage of surgical anesthesia during ether administration is


7. In Cerebral concussion the pupils are:


8. Better levels of factor VIII are achieved by infusion of:


9. Discontinuity of an epithelial surface Is seen in


10. Revised trauma score by Champion include the following except


11. Adrenaline is not added to which of cases with local anesthetics


12. Bed sores are


13. Which of the following is a cause of delayed healing of a fracture:


14. Which of the following nutrients are not included in Total Parental Nutrition


15. Which of the following cannot be used as a criterion for diagnosis of CSF rhinorrhoea


16. Rolled out margin seen in


17. Chronic subdural Hematoma is caused by


18. Ulcer with a watery discharge is typical of


19. Which of the following statements about `Ranula’ is most correct:


20. Which of the following statement is true with reference to Glasgow coma scale


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