1. BRCA 1 gene is located on?

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2. Cryoprecipitate is a rich source of

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3. A transplant of bone from one part to other part of body in the same individual

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4. Incision and drainage of parotid abscess is done so as to avoid

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5. Hyperbaric oxygen is useful in the treatment of

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6. The popular SAG-M blood is useful in

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7. HLA matching is not necessary for

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8. All of the following are features of subdural haematoma except

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9. A patient with long standing multinodular goitre develops hoarseness of voice. The swelling also undergoes sudden increase in size. Likely diagnosis is:

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10. Bezold abscess is seen in

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11. The most common level of thyroglossal cyst is

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12. Nerve repair in an infected wound should be

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13. A patient with head Injury should be carried in which position

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14. Which of the following nutrients are not included in Total Parental Nutrition

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15. Most appropriate mode of ventilation for head injury patient

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16. Treatment of spreading streptococcal cellulites is

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17. Modern instruments used for harvesting only hard tissue graft from donor site without damage to nerves and vessels are based on principle of:

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18. Most common site of VIII cranial nerve schwannoma is:

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19. A patient is suffering from dehydration secondary to diarrhea which of the following intravenous agent is used In this case?

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20. Ulcer with undermined edge seen with

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