1. Standard treatment of verrucous carcinoma of lip:

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2. Which of the following nutrients are not included in Total Parental Nutrition

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3. According to "AHA 2010 Guidelines" which of the following drug is not used in CPCR

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4. All of the following conditions result in chronic thick walled pyogenic abscess, except

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5. A young boy had fallen on the road and developed jaw stiffness and severe pain in the neck hours after the trauma Before other treatment one should always exclude

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6. Rajesh, a 7 month old child, presents with failure of gaining weight & noisy breathing which becomes worse when the child cries. Laryngoscopy shows a reddish mass in sub glottis. Treatment modality may include all, except:

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7. A patient after road traffic accident presents with respiratory distress, hypotension and dilated bulging neck veins. On examination absent breath sounds and contralateral tracheal shift is found. What would be the first line of management

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8. Which of the following is the best parameter to assess fluid intake in polytrauma patient

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9. All of the following may be premonitary symptoms of tetanus except

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10. Positive pressure ventilation is useful for

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11. Period of surveillance in postoperative infection in nonprosthetic surgery

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12. Cystoscopy is used to examine:

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13. Which of the following statements about `Ranula' is most correct:

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14. A person has been brought in casualty with history of road accident. He had lost consciousness transiently and then gained consciousness but again became unconscious. Most likely, he is having brain hemorrhage

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15. One unit of platelets increase platelet count by

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16. Extended Criteria for Liver Donation include all of the following, Except:

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17. Androphonia can be corrected by doing

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18. Concealed haemorrhage is

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19. A patient of burns Should be given:

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20. A 5 year old child spills boiling water accidentally over her face and trunk. Which of the following methods is the most accurate to estimate the body surface area involved in burns?

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