1. Not True about oropharyngeal pack during surgery under general anesthesia:


2. Are accurate method of measuring fluid replacement following acute blood loss to check the


3. A patient of burns Should be given:


4. A young boy had fallen on the road and developed jaw stiffness and severe pain in the neck hours after the trauma Before other treatment one should always exclude


5. Treatment of spreading streptococcal cellulites is


6. Wound healing is


7. Foaming liver is seen in


8. CPR should have a ratio of chest compression to mouth breathing of monitored for:


9. Commonest complication of Immunosuppression Is


10. In hemophilia, drug administered before a surgical procedure is:


11. The extent of muscle damage by a bullet depends mainly upon


12. Revised trauma score by Champion include the following except


13. Cystic hygroma may be situated at


14. Features of hypovolemic shock are all except


15. Among patients who require nutritional resuscitation in an intensive care unit, the best evidence that nutritional support is adequate is


16. For auto transfusion the blood should be collected


17. Incompatible blood transfusion leads to all except


18. To safeguard against post-surgical infection, the surgical site should be


19. True about hemorrhage


20. Gangrene due to known infectious agent is


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