1. Chronic burrowing ulcer is caused by:

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2. Which of the following is preferred cannulation site for total parenteral nutrition

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3. Patient with severe systemic disturbance, not fully capacitating come under which ASA act

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4. Lucid interval is associated with

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5. Cystic hygroma may be situated at

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6. All of the following are features of subdural haematoma except

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7. Which of the following is not a complication of tracheostomy

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8. Not True about oropharyngeal pack during surgery under general anesthesia:

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9. Which of the following is a characteristic feature of arterial haemorrhage

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10. Angiosarcoma is due to ingestion of

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11. Which of the following agent is used in Day Care Surgery

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12. Which of the following statement is true with reference to Glasgow coma scale

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13. Anatomical landmarks for administration of posterior superior alveolar nerve block are mucobuccal fold, occlusal plane, coronoid process and:

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14. Period of surveillance in postoperative infection in nonprosthetic surgery

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15. Most appropriate statement for nasal RAE tubes:

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16. What do you understand by Isograft?

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17. Early stage of trauma is characterized by:

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18. A patient with long standing multinodular goitre develops hoarseness of voice. The swelling also undergoes sudden increase in size. Likely diagnosis is:

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19. Most common primary malignant tumor of long bones is:

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20. In a patient in whom a tumor was removed from lateral pharyngeal space, presents with excessive bleeding days postoperatively, this could be due to

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