1. Cross beta-pleated sheet structure in amyloidosis is determined by:


2. Most potent stimulator of naive T cells is:


3. Acute infection causes:


4. An increase in the size of an organ or tissue due to an increase in the size of cells is known as:


5. Which of the following test is used to compare the chromosomes between normal and neoplastic cells or for detecting genetic transfer of disease:


6. A beta thalassemia patient was given 125 packets of packed RBCs. Which additional drug should be given to this patient:


7. Heparin is secreted by:


8. A specific chromosome marker characterizes which type of leukemia listed below?


9. Generalized edema is known as:


10. Which of the following bone malignancies is most fatal:


11. Gangrene is the death of a part accompanied by


12. All of the following promotes wound healing except


13. Most important step in management of acute diarrhea:


14. Cooley’s anemia is


15. Which one of the following can be used in the management of hemophilic patient


16. All of the following are benign neoplasms, except:


17. Which of the following parameters reduce in sickle cell anaemia in case of aplastic crisis:


18. IL-1 helps in:


19. Irreversible dementia is caused due to:


20. All cells do not divide at the same rate. Events in which phase of the cell cycle determine when a cell is going to replicate?


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