1. Pregnant patients in the first trimester

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2. What is the half-life of Hg in the human body?

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3. 50% sulfuric acid is useful for

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4. Pain from a tooth is characterized by:

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5. Which type of corrosion is not seen in High Copper Amalgam,

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6. When amalgam is polished, the metal crystals at the surface get flattened. The layer is called

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7. When luting a casting with resin cements, the flash should to removed

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8. The reduction of which of the following represents the most significant advantage of the acid etch technique

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9. Furcal perforation is often the result of

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10. Irreversible pulpitis usually occurs above intrapulpal pressure of

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11. Interstitial denticles are those denticles that are

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12. When the gingival margin is gingival to the CEJ in a Class II amalgam preparation, the axial depth of the axiogingival line angle should be _____.

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13. Placing GIC under composite for pulp protection is called:

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14. Process of Internal resorption of root is influenced most by:

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15. Which of the following are true statements regarding the polishing of amalgam

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16. During the master cone fitting procedure in the endodontic treatment of a patient's tooth, the patient says he has a "sharp shooting pain in the same tooth that ached earlier. "What should be your response and why?

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17. Most common type of injury in primary teeth is:

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18. Causes of postoperative sensitivity with amalgam restorations include all of the following except _____.

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19. Preventive resin restoration is indicated in

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20. Root canal cements should

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