1. Purpose of giving occlusal offset:

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2. Rool-filling materials must be

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3. Bonding of resins to dentin is best described as involving _____.

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4. Etching with 37% orthophosphoric acid typically creates a zone of etched enamel rods for about 15-25 micrometer. What is the depth of enamel dissolved?

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5. A 4-year-old child has fallen and hit his central incisor. Over time, the tooth has become increasingly more discolored and does not resolve. The most likely cause of the discoloration is:

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6. Function of post in an endodontically treated tooth is:

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7. C factor is highest in which of the following:

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8. Painful pulpitis associated with an inflamed or degenerating pulp

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9. The principal goals of bonding are _____.

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10. Which of the following is true regarding fluoride release from GIC:

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11. Color change in a process indicator strip indicates

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12. Cells found predominantly in apical part of necrosed pulp with incomplete root formation:

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13. Which of the following tests is the least useful in endodontic diagnosis of children?

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14. An 8-year-old patient presents to your office for an emergency visit with a traumatic exposure of tooth #9. The treatment of choice for this patient is

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15. 50% sulfuric acid is useful for

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16. A patient presents to your office for initial examination. A root canal procedure had been completed on tooth #3 a year prior. Upon clinical examination, you observe a narrow periodontal pocket measuring the full length of your probe in the area of the mesial root. Upon radiographic examination, you detect a J-shaped radiolucency surrounding the mesial root. Your initial diagnosis is:

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17. The most frequently quoted disadvantage of using the rubber dam is

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18. To enhance crown preparation and retention, crown lengthening is completed by

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19. Speed of medium category rotary instruments:

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20. A root canal treated anterior tooth had radiolucency at the apex. Curettage of the tooth was done and biopsy was performed. Two years later, the size of radiolucency was double its size at the time of surgery. What is the likely cause

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