1. Which Two bacteria below are the most commonly found bacteria in endodontic infections?

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2. Which of the following statements about an amalgam tooth/cavity preparation is true?

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3. At what stage is endodontic treatment considered complete?

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4. Barbed broach is used for:

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5. The use of the rubber dam is best indicated for _____.

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6. A full cast crown which fails to seat properly and is rocking. This could be due to all of the following, except

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7. Maxillary canines

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8. Fluid movement in dentinal tubules is known as the

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9. Restoration of an appropriate proximal contact results in all of the following except _____.

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10. A 35-year-old woman was in a horse back riding accident less than 1 hour ago. On clinical examination, the tooth is painful to palpation and has slight mobility. The tooth is fractured in the occlusal third and there appears to be no exposure. A periapical radiograph reveals fracture above the pulpal space and no periapical radiolucency. The treatment of choice for the asymptomatic maxillary central incisor is:

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11. Chairside dry heat glass bead or salt sterilization

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12. A young child gets into the bathroom cabinet and ends up eating a full tube of toothpaste. The Mother calls you first, you will ask all of the following questions EXCEPT one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?

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13. Most obvious clinical sign in concussion is:

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14. Electric pulp testing can give a false positive reaction in which of the following?

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15. A casting may fail to seat on the prepared tooth due to all of the following factors except _____.

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16. The indications for periradicular surgery include all of the following except which one?

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17. The success of an amalgam restoration is dependent on all of the following features of tooth/cavity preparation except _____.

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18. Process of Internal resorption of root is influenced most by:

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19. A patient comes in claiming that their holistic: doctor told him that he has an allergy to mercury and needs only white fillings. Your best response is:

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20. Painful pulpitis associated with an inflamed or degenerating pulp

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