1. Chronic caries is characterized by which of the following.

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2. A No. 4 bur is

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3. Which of the following are similarities between amalgam Class II restorations and inlay Class II restorations, Except

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4. In Periapical index (PAI), Grade 3 is defined as:

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5. The periapical lesion that would most likely contain bacteria within the lesion is

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6. Pre carve burnishing useful for all except:

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7. Which of the following are true statements regarding the polishing of amalgam

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8. Which protective mechanism in the oral cavity counteracts galvanism?

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9. All of the following factors may affect endodontic anesthesia except

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10. The setting reaction of dental amalgam proceeds primarily by _____.

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11. The major objectives of access preparation include all of the following except which one?

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12. Maximum injury to protective layer is during

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13. After completion of root canal therapy, you recall your patient to evaluate the treatment outcome. What are the criteria for successful root canal therapy?1. Absence of pain 2. Absence of swelling 3. Sinus tract healing 4. No residual probing defects 5. Resolution or healing of periapical lesions

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14. The reduction of which of the following represents the most significant advantage of the acid etch technique

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15. Digital Fiber Optic Trans-illumination (DIFOTI) is used to

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16. In a class I cavity for amalgam, the mesial and distal walls show slight divergence towards the occlusal surface. This is done to:

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17. Distance of the blade from the shank to have anti-rotational design of instrument should be

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18. An individual reports with a non-vital central incisor with apex >1 mm in diameter (open apex). The treatment of choice is:

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19. The ideal amount of time from placing an indirect pulp cap until reopening the tooth to remove the remaining decay is:

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20. Important factor in determining the efficiency of bur is:

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