1. Silver alloy used for inlay preparation in primary teeth:

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2. Which one of the following acids is generally recommended for etching tooth structure?

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3. Which Root canal irrigant has been shown to cause allergic reactions:

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4. Amalgam fillings are not indicated in which Class of cavities?

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5. Digital Fiber Optic Trans-illumination (DIFOTI) is used to

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6. Pre carve burnishing useful for all except:

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7. The outline form of the access cavity of which of the following teeth is trapezoid in shape?

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8. Maintenance of pulp vitality in a fracture of crown with pulp exposure fracture will

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9. Ideal property of a root canal sealer is:

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10. Furcal perforation is often the result of

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11. All of the following statements are true concerning posterior composite restorations EXCEPT one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?

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12. What are the structural components of composite?

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13. Ha Primary tooth is avulsed, what should be done:

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14. Which of the following teeth is most likely to have a curved root?

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15. Splinting of cervical root fracture should be done for

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16. Canal which is most difficult to locate in a maxillary 1" molar is:

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17. Which of the following is incorrect associations

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18. Chairside dry heat glass bead or salt sterilization

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19. Which of the following materials could be used to cement a bridge and fill a cervical lesion?

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20. Which of the following is not a type of chisel?

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