1. Retraction cord is often used with a hemostatic agent to capture an accurate impression. Which hemostatic agents minimize tissue damage?

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2. A patient received a large MOD composite restoration 1 week ago. She is now experiencing intense, spontaneous pain, with exacerbation of symptoms occurring when she applies heat or cold or when she eats sweets. The pulpal diagnosis is:

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3. Which of the following diagnostic criteria is least reliable in the assessment of the pulpal status of the primary dentition?

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4. Ultra high speed rotary instruments should not be used

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5. The most acceptable method to achieve adequate root canal debridement is

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6. All of the following statements regarding adjuncts to endodontic treatment are true EXCEPT

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7. A tooth may be restored with a porcelain jacket crown when

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8. A patient is diagnosed with symptomatic apical periodontitis and refuses treatment due to fear of needles. Your statement to the patient should include the fact that:

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9. Function of NAF for an avulsed tooth with extraoral time of more than 60 minutes is

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10. A 4-year-old child has fallen and hit his central incisor. Over time, the tooth has become increasingly more discolored and does not resolve. The most likely cause of the discoloration is:

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11. When carving a Class I amalgam restoration, which statement is false?

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12. A patient comes in claiming that their holistic: doctor told him that he has an allergy to mercury and needs only white fillings. Your best response is:

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13. When a calcified root canal cannot be located or instrumented

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14. The occlusal portion of the wax pattern is usually carved

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15. Low threshold fibres of pulp mediating proprioception are

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16. Which of the following are true statements regarding the polishing of amalgam

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17. Which of the following are NOT found in the pulp?

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18. The most important aspect of irrigation is:

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19. Factors that affect the success of dentin bonding include all of the following except _____.

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20. While doing a vital pulpotomy on a young, immature permanent tooth, the hemorrhage after pulp amputation could not be controlled with cotton pellets, even after several minutes. What is the next step in completing this treatment?

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