1. Which of the following is known as smart ceramic:
2. Constituent of bioactive glass:
3. which cement has the highest modulus of elasticity
4. best cement for cementation of orthodontic molar bands
5. highest water solubility is seen in
6. Least soluble cement in water:
7. Which of the following will produce the most rigid restoration for framework of same dimension
8. Which of the following property of amalgam is adversely affected by triturating with mechanical device
9. all of the following processes can be performed at room temp except
10. an advantage of rubber base impression material over reversible hydrocolloid material is that rubber base impression material
11. By product of setting reaction of condensation silicon:
12. in processing an acrylic denture in a water bath a proper heating cycle is desired because of the possibility of
13. Clinical appearance of GIC is dictated by
14. test used to check setting time of impression material is
15. for best results when using an elastic impression material the prepared tooth should be
16. Nodule on the intaglio surface of a casting can be prevented by
17. For obtaining harder dies to be used for making wax patterns, all of the following can be done except
18. titanium casting is done
19. There are four types of gypsum products approved for use in dentistry. Which of the following types is used rarely today?
20. gold alloys used for the fabrication of saddle bars and clasps are
21. Inlay wax suitable for making indirect pattern is
22. Ceramic is known for which property:
23. Principle purpose of annealing is
24. role if indium in amalgam is
25. Phosphate bonded investment is made carbon free:
26. the primary purpose of rinsing a set impression with a watery mix of dental stone
27. which orthodontic wire shows shape memory
28. high copper amalgams are superior to low copper amalgams because of
29. Casting shrinkage in a type 2 gypsum investment is counteracted by:
30. ductility means
31. What is the effect of addition of an accelerator or a retarder to a gypsum cast
32. exposure of a stone cast to tap water should be minimised because
33. In mixing dental stone, why should the powder be sprinkled onto the water in the bowl?
34. Transformation toughening of zirconia occurs due to change in phase from:
35. Porcelain is strongest when in a state of
36. when force is applied perpendicular to the metal surface,resultant deformation is
37. Strength of gypsum is measured as
38. Shrinkage porosity is related to
39. strain hardening of a metal decreases its
40. Any marked distortion of the casting is related to
41. Following is added to zinc polycarboxylate to improve its manageability:
42. Young's modulus is defined as:
43. nickel is added to wrought gold alloys as
44. If gold content of the alloy decreases:
45. Effects associated with cold working i.e lowered ductility and distorted grains can be eliminated by process known as
46. dental impression compound is characterised by having a
47. the heat treatment of soaking the alloy at a high temp to produce a solid solution followed by quenching is known as
48. dental plaster powder and dental stone powder differ mainly in
49. for a successful metal ceramic restoration both the metal and porcelain must have closely matched
50. Soldering flux is composed of all of the following EXCEPT one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?
51. Most common accelerator used in gypsum is:
52. what filler is used in impression compound "alginate"
53. Stain removing commercial denture cleanser usually contain
54. the process of driving off the water of crystallisation of gypsum to manufacture powders of plaster and stone is called
55. which of the following will form a peritectic alloy
56. in Co-Cr alloys the constituent responsible for corrosion resistance is
57. Principle hardener in gold alloy is
58. the antiflux used for gold solders is
59. of the following, most kind to the pulp is
60. the strength of gypsum bonded investment is dependednt upon
61. Best material for casting base metal crown is
62. Pyroplastic flow in dental porcelain
63. type IV gold casting alloys are used for fabricating
64. the effectiveness of condensation and prevention of porcelain shrinkage is determined by
65. within practical limits when the water/powder ratio is increased beyond the recommended amount in mixing plaster the
66. Primer which etches and primes dentin is known as:
67. Most recent type of denture adhesive is
68. Bonding of porcelain veneer done by:
69. An impression is taken with addition silicone. What should be done before pouring the cast?
70. When Alginate is mixed with tap water having high calcium sulfate and magnesium, what happens
71. Stiffness is related to?
72. role of flux in soldering is
73. direct wax pattern may distort due to
74. Which of the following statements is not true regarding glass ionomer cements?
75. The main component of gypsum bonded investment which provides thermal expansion to compensate for alloy solidification shrinkage is
76. which zone of flame is used for melting alloys
77. Addition of fillers in composite resins:
78. In relation to gypsum products, prolonged spatulation time will lead to
79. tartaric acid in GIC is added to
80. During final finishing of composite you find a void, what will you do:
81. condensation shrinkage during porcelain firing is determined by
82. Fins and spines in casting are caused by:
83. Continues use of vibrator during investing leads to?
84. Hardening heat treatment for gold copper alloys involves
85. The process by which a casting is heated in a porcelain furnace to a temperature of 980"C to burn off any remaining impurities prior to adding porcelain is called:
86. Liquid which shows thickening on increasing strain is called
87. a thinner mix of gypsum bondeded investment will result in
88. the function of monomer added to the heat curing resin polymer is primarily to
89. A system of manufacturing copings from blocks of pure titanium by machine duplication and spark erosion is
90. A base that is typically placed over a calcium hydroxide base (which has been placed over a pulp exposure); is known as:
91. Fluoride flux used in soldering works by
92. Polysulfide impression material should be:
93. One disadvantage of dental porcelain restorations is:
94. Which material has least shelf life
95. With which of the following impression materials is it advisable to wait 20 to 30 minutes before pouring of models for stress relaxation to occur?
96. Which material is sensitive to Sulfur contamination from latex gloves:
97. Which property of composites is most affected by the size and number of fillers:
98. When using which impression material can you delay pouring up of the model for up to one week?
99. Which impression material is most difficult to remove without fracturing teeth of a stone model?
100. Mercaptan are a component of: