1. direct wax pattern may distort due to

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2. Copper content of single composition alloys

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3. Temp at which tertiary amine activates benzoyl peroxide release free radicals

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4. Enamel resin bond used for

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5. A thin application of cavity varnish over the cut surface of a prepared tooth just prior to the cementation of a crown or a bridge with zinc phosphate cement will

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6. condensation shrinkage during porcelain firing is determined by

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7. The dentist can best control the setting time of irreversible hydrocolloid impression material by altering the

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8. for best results when using an elastic impression material the prepared tooth should be

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9. Correct property of the tilite alloy is

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10. Camouflage is a property of which ceramic?

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11. Principle purpose of annealing is

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12. Most recent type of denture adhesive is

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13. in an alginate impression material trisodium phosphate is the

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14. each crystal of the polycrystalline metal is termed

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15. What distinguishes a base from a cement from a cavity liner?

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16. oxides of all of the following elements in noble metal alloys help in bonding to porcelain except

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17. the penetration of the fissure sealant into the fissures

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18. within practical limits when the water/powder ratio is increased beyond the recommended amount in mixing plaster the

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19. main advantage of zinc phosphate over GIC is

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20. Cerrobend alloy is

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