1. Which impression material is radio opaque:
2. The ratio of transverse contraction strain to longitudinal extension strain in the direction of stretching force is known as
3. Which investment shows high contraction due to loss of water and alcohol:
4. Green shrinkage seen in :
5. Not associated with corrosion products in metal alloys
6. Non eugenol pastes contain ____ instead of eugenol:
7. Must commonly used coupling agent of composites:-
8. for zinc oxide eugenol all of the following are true except
9. an amalgam is an alloy
10. metal ceramic restorations may fail due to fracture of the ceramic material .this can be best avoided if
11. the accuracy of the temperature of the casting furnace may be verified by
12. oxides of all of the following elements in noble metal alloys help in bonding to porcelain except
13. All of the following metals are considered to be base metals EXCEPT one.Which one is the EXCEPTION
14. most common reason for incomplete casting when using a centrifugal casting machine is
15. The dentist can best control the setting time of irreversible hydrocolloid impression material by altering the
16. in size the largest porosities in a casting are of which type
17. Which composite type is 70% to 77% percent filled by volume and has an average particle size ranging from 1 to 3 um.
18. the restorative material having hardness nearest to that of enamel is
19. While shade matching; as the brightness becomes more intense, color appears to change. This effect is known as
20. The phenomenom where porcelain appears different under varying light conditions is
21. bonding of GIC to tooth structure is brought about by
22. A very active metal which is gas at room temperature is
23. the union of metal to porcelain fused restoration is by
24. Which of the following is formed by spray atomization and chemical precipitation of molten gold
25. Cutting edge of surgical burs are made from martensite form rather than austenite form due to which of the following reason
26. Type I GIC is
27. Material added in In-Ceram:
28. Cerrobend alloy is
29. the working time of a phosphate investment mix can be increases by increasing the
30. the length of sprue formers depends primarily on the
31. methyl methacrylate can be activated by all of the following except
32. heat energy required for vaporisation of liquid after boiling
33. the ability of diresct filling gold to be welded together at room temperature is because of its malleability and
34. Fluid wax impression techniques may use following waxes except
35. the porcelain constituent that fuses at firing temperature and forms a matrix is
36. Which of the following is true statements regarding the polishing of amalgam?
37. About pit and fissure sealant which is wrong
38. the penetration of the fissure sealant into the fissures
39. the main advantage of a natural glaze rather than an applied glaze is that the natural glaze
40. Polishing agent which is known as whitening agent
41. porcelain are made opaque by the addition of oxides of
42. the primary oxygen scavenger in noble metal casting alloy is
43. Use of type II ZOE cement:
44. Asbestos is used as a lining in a casting ring to
45. setting time of zinc phospahte cement is retarted by
46. Function of molybdenum in base metal alloys?
47. nickel in high percentages in noble metal dental casting alloys
48. Wettability can be increased by:
49. main advantage of zinc phosphate over GIC is
50. In metal-ceramic restorations, failure or fracture usually occurs:
51. Beta hemihydrate is calcinated by
52. Gutta percha, stearic acid and shellac are added to impression compound to:
53. Enamel resin bond used for
54. Suck back porosity is caused by
55. A thin application of cavity varnish over the cut surface of a prepared tooth just prior to the cementation of a crown or a bridge with zinc phosphate cement will
56. In hot and dry environment, alginate shrinks by
57. hydrocolloid impression material may experience all of the following except
58. Correct property of the tilite alloy is
59. What chemical is added to prevent polymerization of polymethylmethacrylate during storage:
60. Loss of colour stability in self polymerizing resins is due to degradation of:
61. The relative amount of lightness or darkness in a color is referred to as:
62. Lower density usually means?
63. maximum shrinkage of firing of ceramic occurs during which stage
64. Maximum shrinkage occurs in which stage:
65. Which of the following cannot be used for debridement of zirconia implant surface
66. Etching of feldspathic ceramic:
67. Purpose of reservior is to
68. Microwave polymerisation for Acrylic dentures uses:
69. the activator for autopolymerising resin is likely to be
70. According to the ADA classification for alloy systems used for metalceramic restorations, noble alloys:
71. the most important mechanical property involved when a base metal partial denture clasp is adjusted is
72. the difference between heat cured and cold cured acrylic resin is least significant with respect to the property of
73. Which of the following best describes "strain hardening" or "work hardening"?
74. Which of the following investment exhibit green shrinkage
75. Contact angle between liquid and adherend surface is 180 degree. This suggests
76. which of the following is not a nobel metal
77. when selecting the color of cememt to use for cementing a porcelain jacket crown the powder being tested is best mixed with
78. All of the following statements are true regarding glass ionomer restorations,except
79. The aramid and ribbond fibers are used to strengthen
80. Metal oxides are added to powder of porcelain for
81. Which of the following cements provide maximum resistance to decalcification while placing bands on molar
82. Which phase of the amalgam reaction is prone to corrosion in clinical restorations?
83. Which of the following is a solid solution?
84. the prinicipal factor in minimising the firing shrinkage of porcelain is the
85. Stress is:
86. Shade matching is done in what light condition:
87. the property of amalgam that makes it undesirable to bevel occlusal margins of an amalgam cavity preparation is its
88. diamond particle size of 125-150 um is catagorised as
89. What distinguishes a base from a cement from a cavity liner?
90. in an alginate impression material trisodium phosphate is the
91. Which of the following is used for making blades and sharp surgical instruments:
92. a cermet is a combination of
93. self curing acrylics for tooth restorations are least compatible with which material
94. Pinhole porosities are related to
95. carnauba wax is added to basic paraffin wax to
96. the significance of free eugenol in root canal sealer cements is an increase in
97. Modulus of elasticity/tensile strength of brittle materials is measured by
98. Low-fusing porcelain is usually used for the manufacture of:
99. During polymerisation from monomer to polymer
100. each crystal of the polycrystalline metal is termed