1. Intermediate plexus is seen in the

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2. Which cusp on permanent molars generally is the one that gets progressively smaller as you go posterior in the arch?

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3. All of the following are characteristics common to all mandibular anterior teeth, except:

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4. Histologically the dental pulp most closely resembles what type of tissue

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5. Which of the following does not contain taste buds

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6. With incresed age and irritation which form of dentin is laid down

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7. Cytokeratin associated with stratified epithelium is

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8. At what age the calcification of deciduous teeth starts

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9. The ligament attached to lingula is

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10. Which of the following jaw position is determined almost exclusively by the behavior of the musculature

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11. The peripheral axons from a network of nerves located adjacent to the cell rich zone in pulp is known as

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12. Th cap stage contains the following transitory structures

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13. Weils zone is

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14. In myositis ossificans muscle affected is

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15. Hard tissue of teeth are developed from

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16. A bacterial enzyme capable of altering the ground substance of the PDL is

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17. Which structure listed below is the inner layer of cells of the junctional epithelium and attaches the gingiva to the tooth?

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18. The occlusal surface of the primary maxillary 1st molar is

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19. An antibacterial substance found in tears ,egg white and saliva is

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20. Bartholin's duct is the name of

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