A 26 years male presented with pain in the right side Tempero Mandibular Joint following an assault that took place two days earlier. The extraoral examinations showed facial asymmetry and shifting of the chin towards the injured side (right side). Sutured lacerated wound and edema were present on the chin. Intraoral examination revealed a malocclusion and shift in midline towards the right side. Interincisal mouth opening was 20mm. Extraoral palpation showed diminished condylar movements on the right side and tenderness in the Subcondylar region.

1. What is most probable diagnosis:


2. Mandibular condylar fractures are usually result of


3. Which radiograph is advised to visualize mandibularcondylar fracture


4. The displacement of Fractured condylar fragment is due to


5. Complication of untreated Intracapsular fracture in children


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