1. Which stage of plasmodium vivax is infective for mosquito?

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2. In Which of the following organs or tissues are ascending infections common?

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3. Positive Shick's test indicates that person is

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4. The type of immunoglobulin most commonly increased in multiple myeloma is

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5. The temperature required for mycobacterium

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6. According to Koch's postulates, a causative agent must satisfy all of the following criteria except

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7. A 39-year old female presents with fever. The blood culture from the patient grows gram positive small to medium coccobacilli that are pleomorphic occurring in short chains. Direct wet mount from the culture shows tumbling motility. The most likely organism is

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8. Most antibodies are produced in the:

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9. Antibody to HSV will begin to appear

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10. Both intranulear and intracytoplasmic inclusions are present in which of the following viruses

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11. Phage conversion is responsible for which of the following?

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12. Which of the following represents the characteristic cellular infiltrate in delayed type hypersensitivity?

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13. Bacteria acquire characteristics by all of the following except

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14. The main advantage of active immunity is that resistance is:

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15. In the management of leprosy, Lepromin test is most useful for

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16. Successful immunization with a hepatitis B vaccine results in the development of serum antibodies to which of the following?

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17. Not used in leptospirosis -

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18. Marker for chronic persistent HBV infection is

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19. A positive tuberculin test always indicates which of the following?

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20. All of the following statements about Pontiac fever are true, except

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