1. Co-factor for phosphofructokinase is


2. for glucose estimation in blood the mode of transport from a PHC to lab is


3. HMP shunt occurs in all organs except


4. The glucose transporter which is stimulated by insulin is located in


5. Not an essential amino acid


6. Citrate synthesase is inhibited by


7. The reducing equivalents for fatty acid synthesis are derived from


8. Albumin and globulin are classified as


9. all the statements regarding LDL receptors are true except


10. ATP is consumed at which step of glycolysis


11. Which of the following is a precursor of protoporphyrin


12. In citric acid cycle,NADH is produced by


13. Fructose 2-6 bisphosphate regulates glycolysis at the level of


14. Lactate produced anaerobically is used by


15. What will happen to structure of alpha helix if L-alanine is replaced by d-alanine alternatively


16. Major source of ammonia in the kidney is


17. Creatinine is formed from


18. all are involved in fast axonal transport except


19. Thiamine deficiency causes decreased energy production because


20. HMP shunt is of great importance in cellular metabolism because it produces


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