1. true about isoenzymes is
2. A membrane phospholpid that doesnot contain glycerol is
3. a deficiency of choline in the diet can cause abnormalities in the metabolism of
4. HMP shunt occurs in all organs except
5. true about denaturation of proteins is all except
6. The major role of 2,3 bisphosphoglycerate in RBCs is
7. action of a-sununit of G protein is
8. Dietary triglycerides are digested and broken down to free fatty acids and 2-monoacylglycerol by pancreatic lipase which are absorbed with the help of
9. Inhibitor of F0F1 ATPase in Electron transport chain-
10. Mitochondrial membrane protein contain transporter of-
11. carboxylation of clotting factors by vit K is required t be biologically active.which of the following amino acid is carboxylated
12. Which of the following transports lactate from muscle to liver
13. Ammonia in brain is trapped by
14. Amino acid which can be used in both gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis
15. Transamination of alanine results in formation of
16. Methionine is synthesised from
17. to which of the following family of chemical mediators of inflammation the lipoxins belong
18. which receptors are present in liver for uptake of LDL
19. Glycogen synthase is activated by
20. embryonic hemoglobin is mainly composed of
21. Reducing sugar in urine can be detected by
22. Pyruvate kinase is inhibited by
23. True about charge in amino acid
24. A patient with hereditary fructose intolerance is deficient in which of the following enzymes
25. Krebs cycle does not occur in
26. True about carbamoyl phosphate synthase
27. Which of the following is involved in both fatty acid catabolism and synthesis
28. Which of these amino acids does not enter the krebs cycle by forming Acetyl-CoA via pyruvate
29. Not gluconeogenic-
30. cholesterol is primarily used by mammalian cell as
31. Theoretically, in most human cells, one glucose molecule produces enough usable chemical energy to synthesize
32. Immediate metabolic products during conversion of Fructus1-6 biphosphate to 2 molecules of pyruvate
33. The metabolite that is regarded as the dead end in glycolysis
34. The number of essential amino acid are
35. Number of ATP produced by RBC when glycolysis occurs through Rapoport Leubering pathway
36. In malate shuttle,NADH produces how many ATPs
37. in CRP, the C stands for
38. the defect in xeroderma pigmentosa is
39. most non polar amino acid is
40. the major fate of glucose -6 phosphate in tissue in a well fed state is
41. The aminoacid carboxylated by vitamin K is
42. chymotrypsinogen is a
43. Watson crick model is for which DNA
44. Which form of DNA is predominantly seen
45. Even in cases with severe destruction of DNA, it can be tested by
46. Highest content of cholesterol
47. Keratinising metaplasia of salivary glands results due to deficiency of
48. Nyctalopia is due to deficiency of
49. Deficiency of which causes carcinoid syndrome
50. Which Vitamin is required for carboxylation of clotting factors
51. Which of these is a water soluble vitamin?
52. Which vitamin deficiency leads to collagen breakdown
53. Maximum damage to DNA is caused by
54. An example of a preventive antioxidant is
55. which base is not found in DNA
56. Primase functions as
57. Shine-Dalgamo sequence in bacterial mRNA is near
58. Apo-E deficiency is seen in
59. Negative nitrogen balance is the characteristic feature of which phase of convalescence after surgery
60. All of the following cell types contain the enzyme telomerase which protects the length of telomeres at the end of chromosomes except
61. VLDL transports
62. Aneuploidy is due to
63. Which of the following process in a vector is used to increase the yield of protein produced in recombinant protein synthesis
64. Chief regulator of systemic iron homeostasis
65. Poly 'A' tail attached at 3' end of mRNA helps in
66. Cobalt forms a component of which vitamin
67. Real time PCR is used for
68. Function of endonucleases
69. In molecular cloning blue white screening is used
70. The hormone using an enzyme receptor for its action
71. Bromodeoxyuridine is related to DNA in
72. Amino acid used in the synthesis of purines
73. which of the following enzymes is common to the synthesis of cholesterol and ketone bodies
74. Apart from occurring in nucleic acids, pyrimidines are also found in
75. Barbiturate precipitates symptoms of porphyria because
76. Both vit K and Vit C are involved in
77. A segment of a eukaryotic gene that is not represented in the mature messenger RNA is known as
78. Okazaki fragments are formed during the synthesis of
79. Splicing activity is a function of
80. A young man finds that every time he eats dairy products he feels very uncomfortable.his stomach becomes distended.He develops gas and diarrhea frequently.These symptoms do not appear when he eats food other than dairy products.Which of the following is the most likely enzyme in which this young man is deficient
81. NAD + reduced by all of following enzymes except
82. DNA estimation can be done by
83. Which of the following is not a glycerosphingolipid
84. Which of the following phospholipid has antigenic activity
85. DNA restriction is done by the following method
86. Single base pair substitution is related to
87. Xeroderma pigmentation is caused due to a group of closely related abnormalities in
88. Which of the following reaction is due to lipid peroxidation
89. Which type of RNA has the highest percentage of modified base
90. RNA with highest proportion of modified bases in cell
91. Drug toxifixation and steroid synthesis is conducted by which cell organelle
92. Skinfold thickness test is used for
93. TATA box is seen in
94. which of the following elements is known to influence the body's ability to handle oxidative stress
95. DNA replication takes place in which phase of cell cycle
96. Cardiolipin is found in
97. cDNA from RNA is synthesised by
98. The most common condition of inherited blindness due to mitochondrial chromosomal anomaly is
99. Thiamine level is monitered by
100. Not a component of PCR