1. Which of the following is not a content of pterygomandibular space
2. The tingling sensation felt in the nose just sneezing is carried by
3. Which of the following is not a sign of stellate ganglion block
4. The following muscles are supplied by the Facial nerve, except
5. Component that develops from 2nd branchial arch is?
6. All of the following arteries are branches of the mandibular division of the maxillary artery except one. Which one is the exception?
7. Pharyngotympanic tube is supplied by all except:
8. Artery under pterion:
9. Which is not a branch of cavernous part of internal carotid artery:
10. Not a branch of cavernous part of Internal carotid artery
11. The suture between the two halves of the Frontal bones is
12. Which of the following is not supplied by ipsilateral nerve nucleus?
13. Muscle that is supplied by facial and mandibular nerve is
14. Danger area of face is called so, because of connection of facial veins to cavernous sinus through
15. Cavernous sinus thrombosis is due infection of:
16. Lingual nerve is the major sensory branch of:
17. The floor of the mouth and suprahyoid muscles are supplied by
18. Which of the following is seen within the cavernous sinus?
19. Suprahyoid muscles in the floor of mouth are supplied by:
20. Arterial supply of submandibular gland is through which branch of ECA
21. Which of the following arteries is the MAJOR blood supply to the orbit and eye?
22. Which of the following nerve innervates the capsule of the temporomandibular joint
23. The secretomotor supply of parotid comes from:
24. Which of the following bone reaches adult size before birth:
25. Muscle responsible for side to side movement of mandible:
26. Which muscle depresses and moves mandibular forward:
27. The muscle that is attached to the articular disc of and that brings about its forward movement is
28. Which muscle causes depression of mandible:
29. Lymph from tongue is not drained by which of the following vessels:
30. Radial artery is palpated lateral to:
31. Damage to facial nerve just above branching of chorda tympani nerve injury. All of the following are features of unilateral hypoglossal nerve damage except
32. Lesion of facial nerve at level of stylomastoid foramen leads to:
33. Only sensory branch of anterior division of mandibular nerve is:
34. Tongue movement has its primary effect on
35. Which of the following nerves supplies taste sensation to the anterior two-thirds of the tongue?
36. Middle superior Alveolar nerve is a branch of
37. All are muscles of soft palate except:
38. Which of the following does not give sensory supply to the pinna:
39. Deviation of tongue to the right side on protrusion indicates injury to:
40. When a person protrudes his tongue it deviates to the right, which of the following nerve is damaged:
41. The lateral pterygoid muscle attaches to which of the following?
42. All of the following are innervated by trigeminal nerve except:
43. Only retractor of mandible:
44. Which of the following is not supplied by the anterior division of mandibular nerve (V3)
45. Killan's dehiscence is outpouching of:
46. Pain sensation from ethmoid sinus is transmitted through:
47. All of the following arise from occulomotor nerve except:
48. The hypopharyngeal diverticulum is normally present at:
49. TENSOR PALATI is supplied by
50. Nerve not carrying taste sensation from tongue:
51. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the attachment of the mylohyoid muscle?
52. Each of the following statements concerning the foramen magnum are true EXCEPT
53. Which of the following is true about chorda tympani
54. The following statements concerning chorda tympani nerve true except that it
55. In lower motor neuron lesion of facial nerve:
56. The following branches originate directly from the subclavian artery, except
57. Which is the only medial branch of the external carotid artery?
58. Unilateral Injury to recurrent laryngeal nerve:
59. All of the following statements about the vagus nerve are true except that it
60. Painful sensations from ethmoid transmitted by
61. In order to test for patency of the trochlear nerve, one would shine a light source directed at the pupil, and have patient follow it in what direction?
62. The arterial supply of trachea is by the:
63. Which of the following nuclei is the primary controller of swallowing?
64. Nasolacrimal duct drains into:
65. The intrinsic muscle from the dorsum of the tongue to ventral surface is known as
66. Infection spreading via lymphatics from the lower lip first enters the 168. Branch of facial artery which leaves the submandibular gland, runs blood stream at
67. forward anteriorly over the mylohyoid and branches into deep and superficial branches, is
68. The masseter originates from the
69. Posterior triangle of neck is divided into two by:
70. All of the following are found in the posterior triangle of the neck except one. Which one is the exception?
71. What is not included in the contents of the sublingual space?
72. Posterior 1/3 of the tongue is innervated by
73. If damaged, all of the following bony structures would directly alter movement of the tongue EXCEPT
74. Insertion of hyoglossus is at:
75. Structures lying deep to posterior belly of digastrics are all, Except
76. The superior orbital fissure is located between which of the following bones?
77. The parasympathetic secretomotor fibres to parotid traverse through the following, Except.
78. During the removal of the submandibular gland, all of the following nerves may be injured on medial aspect, except:
79. Sensory fibers from the taste buds in the hard and soft palate travel along
80. Sensory supply to nasal cavity is by
81. Sensory supply of palate is by all except:
82. All of the following oropharyngeal functions are involuntary, except
83. The superior and inferior ophthalmic veins drain into the
84. Which of the following is not a pneumatic bone:
85. The maxillary nerve passes through which of the following?
86. Among all of the following foramens in the base of skull, which is, the most posteriorly present:
87. Infection from facial vein spreads to cavernous sinus because:
88. Branch of External Carotid Artery arising opposite to the tip of greater cornu of hyoid bone is:
89. Which of the following cranial nerve does not carry General Visceral Efferent (GVE) fibres
90. Branch of external carotid artery that runs along posterior border of digastrics
91. Superior thyroid artery is closely related to
92. Not present in posterior triangle:
93. The inferior alveolar artery is a DIRECT branch from which of the following arteries?
94. Each of the following bones are part of the orbit EXCEPT
95. Anterior ethmoidal nerve supplies all except:
96. Which of the following movements are performed by a non-working condyle
97. Styloglossus action is:
98. With advancing age pattern of bone resorption in mandible becomes:
99. Sublingual salivary gland lies
100. The auriculotemporal nerve encircles which of the following vessels?