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More you Convey, Marrier you EARN !!

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We Offer you 20% Commision for each Sale made through your Affiliate Link.


Cookies Time

48 Hours Cookies , If A Person Visit This Site With your Link But didn't Purchase Right away! You'll Still GET Commission If that Person makes a Purchase within 48 Hours



Payments will be Done After You Reach 1000 Rupees Through UPI or PAYPAL at 1st WEEK of Every Month.

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You Need to Register yourself as an Affiliate to Start Promoting. Also, to Help YOU Refer to Our Test Series, We will provide you posters, Banners, and Videos. Feel Free To USE them If you want to!  But We highly recommend you to make your own posts, poster or videos which suits your style and became more Authentic


Your Dashboard

We have Setup an Amazing Dashboard for You. You can See How many Click, Sales has been done through you Links.You can Create a Customised Link for your self from the CREATIVES section and also access our promotional Images and Videos.


Commision and Payments

You'll get a 20% commission of Each Sale Made through the link. Which will be sent to you Through UPI or PAYPAL at 1st Week of Every Month if it REACHES 1000 Rupees or More.(if you didn't reach the 1000Rs. then it'll be added to next month and paid out once it reaches 1000 or more)
If a sale has been made where the person has clicked through 2 different affiliate links! The Last will be considered and Commission will be registered to that Affiliate.

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More you Convey, Marrier you EARN !!

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