1. Congenitally missing teeth are the result of failure in which stage of development?

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2. A self corrective anomaly in a 10 year old child is:

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3. A permanent incisor with an open apex is extruded 4 mm following an injury 15 minutes ago. What is the treatment of choice?

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4. In some children there may be a heavy grey-green stain, especially prominent on the gingival third of maxillary anterior teeth. This stain is soft and difficult to remove. It is thought to be associated with

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5. In child with class II restoration fails because of

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6. All of the following statements are true except:

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7. A 6 yr old child who has been diagnosed as hyperkinetic appears at your office in an obvious state of anxiety at the impending treatment.upon interview his mother relates that he is taking 30 mg of methylphenidate daily.which of the following should you do in planning to make the child more manageable

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8. How are baby breath located while sucking milk

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9. A subluxated tooth will have

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10. A 3 year old requires the extraction of a deciduous maxillary second molar. The local anesthetic technique of choice is

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11. Ph of calcium hydroxide is

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12. The importance of proximal caries in deciduous 1st Molar for an orthodontist is:

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13. Primary function of MTA is

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14. An 8 year old child with normal tooth calcification and eruption has the primary lower second molar extracted. The resulting space should be:

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15. It is best to use which of the following for a topical fluoride application in the office for a patient that has porcelain, glass ionomer or composite restorations?

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16. Prolonged retention of deciduous teeth with delayed eruption of permanent teeth, may occur in a patient suffering from

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17. Basic fear of a 2 yr old child during his first visit to the dentist is related to

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18. A lady with an Infant reported to clinic with the complaint of white teeth like structure, at the level of gingiva in mandibular anterior region. What should dentist do?

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19. Generally, a 20 second etching time is recommended. Enamel that has been exposed to fluoride may be resistant to etching and may aced to be exposed for longer periods.

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20. Pacifier is an example of

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